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Eddie Money
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Dori remembers Eddie Money after rock star’s death from cancer

Eddie Money. (File, Associated Press)

I was so sad to hear the news about the death of rock star Eddie Money Friday morning. He was maybe my favorite guest that we’ve ever had when he came on the show last year (in the interview below). He was just the best.

Eddie Money had announced just a few weeks ago that he had esophageal cancer and that it had metastasized. In fact, the episode of his reality show “Real Money” in which he received the diagnosis just aired this week.

Our interview together was great. You could tell from the intro, he was so full of energy. You could tell he was enthusiastic about talking to us. Actually, every other celebrity could really take a hint from him. You know those celebrities on media tours, where it sounds like the last thing they want to be doing is talking to you? This guy was the exact opposite.

Eddie had this one song, “I Wanna Go Back,” that makes me so emotional. It ties in so perfectly with my “What Are the Odds” show Friday night. It’s about the journey of life, and how fun it is to climb the ladder — the excitement of going from nothing to something. He talks about starting out his music career by playing at high school dances and clubs. He even was a firefighter for a couple of years. And he says in the song that later in life, he missed the excitement of building his career like that.

We had made a date, the next time he and his wife were in Seattle, that I would make them salmon. I’m sad that we won’t get to keep that date now. Rest in peace, Eddie. You were a terrific musician and a wonderful human being.

Check out our interview with Eddie here: 

Eddie Money tells Dori he loves the PNW

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