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Dori: Was Sally Bagshaw’s stolen bike more important than my daughter’s?

Bike theft is a growing problem in bike-friendly Seattle. (AP)

A couple of years ago, my wife and I got our daughter a new bike for her birthday. She lives in an apartment with friends, and there is a locked storage area in this building.

About six months later, my daughter, sad as can be, called and told me that someone had gotten into the locked storage area and stolen her bicycle. She called the Seattle Police Department. They told her to file an online report. Apparently they don’t respond to stolen bikes.

That’s so odd, because according to Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw in this story on our website, she had a very different experience when her bike was stolen from the garage at her home, downtown Seattle’s Watermark Tower.

Thank you to our police department, who came and responded yesterday; my e-bike was stolen. Nothing makes me madder than to have lost my e-bike. But it was broken into in a secured garage that requires a fob in two different places. So we’re looking at the tapes and seeing what we can do about finding my bike. Thank you to the police department, I really appreciated their quick response.

Stolen bicycle from Craigslist ad found in U District homeless camp

Quick police response, huh? That makes me wonder something, as a taxpaying citizen. I don’t think my daughter is more important than Sally Bagshaw, but I’m certain my daughter is no less important than Sally Bagshaw.

So how is it that when my daughter calls the Seattle Police Department about her stolen bike, she is told to file an online report, yet when Sally Bagshaw calls about her stolen bike, she gets a “quick response?”

Are members of the Seattle City Council that much more important than taxpaying 24-year-olds? I actually thought that politicians and council members worked for us.

Sally Bagshaw has played such a huge role in the problems on our streets, the very problems that have made bikes getting stolen such a common occurrence in Seattle. Remember when she wanted to explore the notion of having taxpayers purchase heroin for addicts in the hopes that that would cut down their need to steal bicycles to feed their habit?

Actually, Sally, when you do everything you can to make this a magnet attractant for drug addicts in the country — like buying heroin for them — then bikes will keep getting stolen. Sally Bagshaw is one of the people who is part of the chain of command turning over our streets to the drug vagrants.

So, as she begs you to do in this Tweet, keep an eye out for Sally Bagshaw’s bike. But gosh, I’d love to know how she got such a quick police response. I guess we have more of a monarchy than a representative government in Seattle.

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