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Rain on the way for Western Washington, ‘and it will stay that way for awhile’

Rain is on the way in Western Washington. (Getty Images)

We’re heading into late October, and as most residents of Western Washington know all too well, we’re about to enter the time of year where rain and gloomy weather takes hold.

‘Dice may be loaded’ for November snow in Seattle

“Clear those leaves from the storm drains…it’s about to get wet,” said the National Weather Service on Twitter.

“And it will stay that way for while,” it added.

Starting Wednesday, rain will be in the forecast for eight out of the ensuing nine days in the Seattle area, including scattered thunderstorms on Friday.

This comes after almost a full week of dry weather, marked by six consecutive days without rain. Once that streak ends…

“The rainy season begins,” said Seattle Weather Blog’s Justin Shaw.

You wouldn’t be wrong for feeling like the rainy season began over a month ago, when Seattle got its most rainy September days in over four decades.

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Seattle saw 16 total days of measurable rainfall in September this year, the third most the city has ever had, and the most in over four decades. Bellingham saw its wettest September ever, with a new record of 4.73 inches of rainfall, breaking the previous 4.71-inch mark set in 1969.

According to data cited by the Seattle Weather Blog, Seattle saw 3.32 inches of rain this September, over twice the average for the month of 1.5 inches.

Traditionally, though, things are supposed to truly get wet beginning in October, with Seattle’s average rainfall for the month almost double what September typically gets.

Later on in 2019, we could see what UW climate scientist Cliff Mass predicts will be a “very active winter” for Western Washington, spurred by an unusually early “Arctic express.”

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