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Seahawk Tyler Lockett publishes book of poetry and more

Seattle Seahawks' Tyler Lockett. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

While the Seattle Seahawks have been embarking on their 2019-20 season, wide receiver Tyler Lockett has also been working on another special project of his own. That project hits bookshelves today — Reflection, a book of poetry.

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Andrews McMeel, the publisher of Reflection, describes the book as:

Fueled by faith and powered by a strong work ethic, Tyler Lockett’s debut book of poetry is a reflective and uplifting journey through topics such as identity, sports, race, relationships, and how to live a purposeful life. As an NFL All-Pro wide receiver and return specialist for the Seattle Seahawks, Lockett draws on his unique perspective as a professional athlete to address life’s many challenges, temptations, and rewards. From reminding young people to pursue their dreams, to pleading with a friend not to take his own life, Lockett’s poetry encourages readers to stay positive even when confronting impossible odds. In addition to never-before-published poems, Reflection also includes workshop questions, notes, and inspirational messages that give readers an opportunity to reflect on their own lives as well.

There are certainly religious overtones in book, with several references to Christian themes. Lockett also relates his experiences with dating, or simply being a sports star dealing with sudden fame.

“I called it Reflection because in the world that we live in today, sometimes it’s hard for us to be able to see ourselves the way that we should see ourselves, or if you’re a believer, the way that God sees us,” Lockett said recently on Russell Wilson’s podcast. “…. we get caught up in money, and fame, and power, and just people wanting to love us and be around us every single day. And all these things kind of cloud our judgment. Because we’re looking for something to make us happy rather than being happy inwardly. And so with this book, it’s me talking about all these other things is clouding up my judgment that is stopping me from being able to see what it is that I’m supposed to see within myself.”

There is also a range of non-poetry content, such as workshop questions and inspirational messages. Readers will find “Note to Self” additions relating words of wisdom. The idea is for readers to then further think upon their own lives.


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