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Dori: No ‘equity’ in Blakely Elementary getting rid of Halloween


Blakely Elementary School on Bainbridge Island has canceled its annual Halloween party.

This is ridiculous.

In an email to parents, the school wrote:

Over the past two years Blakely has been reviewing school practices around equity and inclusion in an effort to ensure our school community continues to be inviting and supportive for everyone. Blakely will not be participating in any Halloween events this year. Students will have a normal day, which means we will not allow costumes, parades or parties.

Can any government office, especially a public school, write any paragraph without the words “equity” and “inclusion?” That would be a good challenge for them.

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When I was a kid, we didn’t have the money for me to have as nice of Halloween costumes as my classmates. As Kshama Sawant would say, it “sucked so badly.”

You know what? I survived. I survived not having as much as the kids who were able to afford really cool Halloween costumes.

But it’s okay. We’ll continue to assign all control of our lives and our thoughts to the government. That way, we don’t have to think anymore.

Yay! Being a leftist is fun, isn’t it?

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