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Tammy Morales and Mark Solomon
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Seattle City Council Voter Guide: District 2

There’s a major upheaval expected on Seattle City Council in 2019. Seven out of nine council seats are up for grabs, leaving the door wide open for some new faces. To get you familiar these faces — new and old — we’re breaking down candidates in each council race, including District 2, spanning Beacon Hill, Columbia City, Georgetown, Mount Baker, and Rainier Valley.

Tammy Morales (49.9 percent of votes in August primary)

Tammy Morales
Seattle City Council candidate Tammy Morales. (Elect Tammy Morales)

The basics: Morales works as a community organizer for the Rainier Beach Action Coalition. She previously ran for Seattle City Council’s District 2 seat in 2015.

The issues: Morales outlines a trio of principles that govern her campaign’s priorities. The first is “repairing the harm,” encompassing a plan to combat the historical fallout of racial redlining in Seattle. The second involves “democratizing wealth, power, and resources,” where she pushes for a public bank in Seattle, as well as the expansion of community land trusts, affordable housing, and parks. The third is “planning for the seventh generation,” addressing her intent to implement Green New Deal policies. She opposes congestion tolling and an expanded police force, and supports rent control and safe injection sites.

Endorsements: U.S. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, King County Democrats. Full list here. 

If elected, what will be your priorities for your first 100 days in office for the next council term?

My first priority is to meet with individuals and organizations like CIRCC, Got Green, along with the various racial, economic, and environmental justice coalitions to develop a priority sheet. I’m committed to bringing community voices to City Hall, and that will take planning and active feedback.

Morales campaign website

Mark Solomon (23.2 percent of votes in August primary)

Mark Solomon
Seattle City Council candidate Mark Solomon. (Friends of Mark Solomon)

The basics: Solomon served in the U.S. Air Force, including a stint at the Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C. He currently works as a Crime Prevention Coordinator with the Seattle Police Department.

The issues: Solomon lists public safety, gun violence, and affordable housing among his priorities. He advocates for creating a “consistent community policing program,” added funding for resources to address gun violence with community-based solutions, and the revival of the “Options Choices Consequences” education program. To address affordability, he proposes a committee for evaluating Mandatory Housing Affordability in District 2, and allocating more housing funds. He also supports a property tax credit to drive down leasing rates for small businesses. He supports an expanded police force, and opposes safe injection sites and congestion tolling.

Endorsements: The Seattle Times, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, Seattle Police Officers Guild, former Seattle Mayor Norm Rice. Full list here.

If elected, what will be your priorities for your first 100 days in office for the next council term?

I would convene a work group comprised of school district, Department of Education and Early Learning and community stakeholders to develop solutions to address funding inequities and achievement disparities for south end students of color. We must lay the groundwork for academic excellence and create pipelines to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Solomon campaign website

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