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Feedback Friday, Dori
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Listeners debate: What is scarier, Dori’s jack-o-lantern or long hair?

(KIRO Radio)

Vote yes on 976

Why haven’t the bridges already been repaired? 

Until the “authorities” tell us how they spend the money they already receive, do not vote for additional taxes. I was offended at the no ad showing the 160 bridges that needed repairs. So what have they been doing with the money? Where is the annual report showing income and outgo?

– Jane in Bellevue

An issue that crosses party lines

Dori … I don’t agree with your admiration for our liar-in-chief. All of America knows he is corrupt, yet you continue to support him. However, a local issue I’m in total agreement with you on is I-976. I feel it is imperative for every person who is voting and supporting I-976 to recruit five to 10 voters (friends, family, coworkers) around the state of Washington to get the message out that it is imperative that they/he/she vote yes on this issue. We have to send a strong message to (Un)Sound Transit that the “gravy train” is being sidetracked.

– David in Redmond

Copycatting New Jersey

You’ve got to hand it to the state, using scare tactics by telling us that “the bridges are falling!” Sounds a little like New Jersey’s bridge closure for the same type of blackmail tactics. Gee, right in the nick of time to vote ” no on 976,” eh? These guys are pathetic to say the least. Idaho is looking better every day that goes by. Love your show Dori, every day! You cannot live here and be retired, and pay the taxes. We are being run out of here.

– Kathy in Carnation

The political games are collapsing

Why bridges collapse is the show on KBTC tonight, Monday, Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. right before the vote. Coincidence? I think not.

– “Dude” in Bonney Lake

Dori’s scary pumpkin … and hair

That pumpkin looks like it’s about to poop out of its mouth, I’m guessing its a Sawant pumpkin?

– Doug via Facebook

The pumpkin looks very sad, like it just consumed a soy latte with a non-GMO, gluten-free cupcake!

– Joe via Facebook

Dori, you look scarier than the pumpkin!

– David via Facebook

Dori, I thought that was a pic of your grandma for a second! Dori for governor!

– Hans via Facebook

Pumpkin is OK. Hair needs work. The trial period is over.

– Dave via Facebook

I am 56 and grew my hair out a few years ago. You will encounter some resistance. Stay strong my friend! It takes over a year depending on your goal. Let your freak flag fly! Just don’t let it get in the way of your path to the governor’s mansion.

– Mark via Facebook

Tolls PUNish drivers

You predicted years ago they would institute a “road use tax.” I guess you could call that a case of “I toll you so.”

– Mark in Everett

Ghosts of Halloweens past

A Wigwam store? Of all the racist, culturally-appropriating names you could call a store, that one takes the cake. Of course someone like you would shop there!

– “Wild-eyed Seattle Progressive”

The Northwest Progressive Institute 976 debate

This is why we don’t trust the Department of Transportation to spend our money. They can’t even bother to be truthful; then when they are caught in a lie, they twist the meaning of words, deflect, or do anything but admit they either outright lied or slanted the truth.

And relating to tolling every road, another minus for the poor is getting and maintaining a Good2Go pass. It requires you to plan ahead and put money in your account. Many minimum wage earners are paid via third party companies that give you a debit card, but add lots of charges and fees for using your money. So when they do have to drive toll roads, they are paying the full fare as opposed to the reduced prices.

– Christopher in Redmond

Thanks for having this guy on, Dori. He has an answer for everything but he sounds so phony.

– Jeff in Lynnwood

Tacoma mulls gun tax

So the next mass shooter will be deterred because he’ll have to pay a little more for ammo? What does he care? He’ll either be in jail for the rest of his life or more likely will be dead.

– Mark in Burien 


Hey, you’re always referring to “the 206” or “the 425,” etc. I just want to let you know that there are some of us out here who have those area codes, but were smart enough to get out of Washington! I’m over here in Idaho and I listen to you on the Sonos/Internet most every day. I just don’t want to change a phone number that I’ve had for 15+ years. I love hearing about the insane things your governor is doing, the traffic problems, and especially Sound Transit! Keep up the great work.

– Roger in Priest River, Idaho

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