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See the 2019 Dori Monson Show Pumpkin Carving Contest entries

Dori’s listeners got spooky and creative with the second annual Dori Monson Show Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Tasked with designing a jack-o-lantern that represented what Seattle means to them, the pumpkin carving fiends got busy. From the faces of city council members, to bike lane advocates, and even Dori himself, listeners poured their Puget Sound pride — or disgust — into their pumpkins.

This year, Dori got in on the fun and carved a jack-o-lantern of his own — perhaps a visual representation of the socialist attitude of Seattle voters, politicians, and schools that all encourage skating by with minimal effort.

The winning jack-o-lantern was a detailed depiction of Dori on the air by listener Jolene Shadle of Kirkland. She painstakingly created Dori’s headphones, microphone, and even the KIRO Radio logo.

“I told my kids my idea for a ‘Dori’ talk radio pumpkin and they insisted I do it!” she wrote in an email. “Your show represents that Seattle is still a place where we can talk about the issues and discuss differing viewpoints. Happy Halloween!”

Have you got an inspiration for a Seattle-themed jack-o-lantern? Don’t miss your chance to enter the third annual Dori Monson Show Pumpkin Carving Contest in October 2020.

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