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Rantz: Kshama Sawant crusades against Amazon, but still shops there

Socialist Seattle councilwoman Kshama Sawant loathes Amazon. She’s called them extortionists and blames them for every problem hitting Seattle. They are a greedy corporation she hopes to destroy. Yet, she still shops there.

According to campaign filings with the Public Disclosure Commission, Sawant frequents Amazon for all sorts of deals on products to help her campaign, perhaps taking advantage of their great deals and free shipping.

Early in the campaign, Sawant spent $330.29 on an office printer and another 330.58 on toner, rather than go to a local store she doesn’t regularly demonize. Instead of shopping at a store in her district, she used Amazon for $218.56 worth of folding tables, $123.75 for Square readers, and $76.11 for a wifi extender.

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This isn’t the first time she’s shown her Amazon hypocrisy. Her very overdue book was listed for sale on Amazon, up until she got called out. Then the book was pulled. Or, it might have been pulled because it’s about four years overdue.

To her credit, Sawant is usually stubbornly consistent, sticking to talking points (sometimes literally written on a script for her to follow) so she doesn’t veer off brand. Yet she just can’t help but shop on Amazon.

I guess, even when you blast Amazon whenever you can, you still can’t resist their awesome deals. I wonder if she’s an Amazon Prime member?

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