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Let the Dori Monson Show 2019 Voting Guide help you on your ballot

Dori takes a long, hard look at his ballot before casting his votes.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your ballot? Never fear — the Dori Monson Show 2019 Voting Guide is here to help.

I-976 for $30 tabs

APPROVE. You know by now where I stand on 976. I have been called a ‘one-man yes campaign’ for 976. It’s time for us to send a message to government. Sound Transit lied to the Legislature and to you to get ST3 on the ballot. They said that our car tabs would go up by an average of $80. In reality, car tabs have gone up by hundreds of dollars each. Microsoft and Amazon and every city council and every media editorial board all say that you should vote no. But when media and government collude to tell you what to do, you should run the other direction. There is a vested interest by government and media to keep the dollars flowing to their special interests. The No on 976 campaign has spent a fortune on deceptive advertisements. And then you have this completely phony Aurora Bridge lane shutdown, where an engineer coincidentally discovered right before the election that a lane needed to be shut down to fix the bridge — and then, later, that they needed to shut down a second lane. This is one of the few times where the little guy gets a chance to get some hard-earned money back from the government. It’s one time when we can fight back.

R-88 to reinstate affirmative action in government jobs, education, contracting

REJECT. R-88 is a vote on I-1000, which would reinstate affirmative action in public sector jobs, education, and contracting. If you believe in a meritocracy — if you believe that all people that all people should be judged by their individual merits alone and not by the color of their skin — you must vote no on R-88/I-1000. About 20 years ago, the voters of this state said that they did not want affirmative action. That helped some communities of color immensely. Asian-Americans did wonderfully, since they are disproportionately represented in colleges — they tend to make up a greater percentage of the student body than of the population in general. Why is that? It is because Asian-American families, in general, place an immense amount of importance on academic excellence and the family unit. Asian-American students and workers will be horribly discriminated against if this passes. And though this is not talked about in the mainstream media, affirmative action actually hurts black and brown people, because it has all-too-often elevated them to a college for which they were academically unprepared. Study after study shows that kids who were artificially elevated because of affirmative action do not graduate college anywhere near the rate of the kids who were put there by virtue of academic achievement. Don’t you believe in a meritocracy? Let’s keep Washington state colorblind.

King County Prop. 1 Levy for Medic One

REJECT. I believe that King County, which is collecting record property tax revenues, should already be funding Medic One first and foremost, above everything else, with all the dollars they take in. But instead, they love to play this game: “Let’s take something that everybody loves, that no reasonable person could say no to, and let’s raise their property taxes to make sure they keep funding it.” We pay plenty in property taxes, with most of it going to King County. The county should prioritize Medic One, and then ask us if we want to increase our property taxes to some lower-priority nonsense thing that they fund. Say no to this. They will find the money. They’ve got plenty.

Seattle City Council

District 1, Lisa Herbold vs. Phil Tavel: Phil Tavel. We need to vote all the incumbents out of office.

District 3, Kshama Sawant vs. Egan Orion: Egan Orion. This shouldn’t even be a question. For the love of all that is good and holy, do not vote Sawant back in office — unless you want four more years of socialism and screaming.

District 4, Alex Pedersen vs. Shaun Scott: Alex Pedersen.

District 5, Debora Juarez vs. Ann Davison Sattler: Ann Davison Sattler.

District 6, Dan Strauss vs. Heidi Wills: Heidi Wills.

District 7, Andrew Lewis vs. Jim Pugel: Jim Pugel.

Port of Seattle Commission

Position 2, Sam Cho vs. Grant Degginger: Grant Degginger.

Advisory votes

REPEAL across the board. The state does not need more tax money. Revenues are at an all-time high. There is plenty to go around; the state just needs to learn to prioritize its spending, as we all do in our own lives already.

Submitting your ballot

As Washington is a vote-by-mail state, you will need to put your ballot in the mail or drop it off in an official ballot drop-off box by 8 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5. No stamp is required for mailing ballots, but make sure that the mail will be still be collected at the mailbox where you submit it so that it gets postmarked by Nov. 5. For more information on submitting your ballot, click here.

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