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I-976, $30 car tabs
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Rantz: Seattle activists cry over I-976 passing, imply it’s racist

Jenny Durkan and Pete Holmes addressing I-976 impacts. (KIRO Radio, Hanna Scott)

Despite spending millions to defeat I-976, the $30 car tab initiative passed overwhelmingly. Now, Democrats aim to ignore the will of the people. This is the exact attitude that caused I-976 to pass in the first place.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and City Attorney Pete Holmes calls I-976 “catastrophic” ahead of their planned legal challenges to the initiative. Not liking an initiative doesn’t mean it’s unconstitutional.

“While there are a lot of ballots left to count statewide, we know Seattle overwhelmingly supports transit and voted strongly against Tim Eyman’s I-976,” Durkan said in a statement. “The cuts required by this initiative would be potentially catastrophic for Seattle and our region. I will continue … to prepare for the impacts of this law being enacted and to consider all our options to vindicate the will of Seattle voters.”

Rantz: Democratic superintendent encourages revenge against I-976 voters

This isn’t how statewide elections work. When Seattle voters, en masse, helped install Governor Jay Inslee as Governor, counties that overwhelmingly opposed Inslee didn’t get to challenge the result in court to ensure they’d be governed by former Attorney General Rob McKenna. When Seattle Progressives help strip us of gun rights, we don’t give counties that disagreed the ability to opt-out of the law.

At the Durkan press conference announcing the lawsuit, two transit activists confronted Eyman. They were crying because they lost the election.

Holding a child in her arms, one activist cried out: “This is literal harm for me and other folks who are transit dependent. It’s disabled folks, it’s low income folks, it’s folks of color, it’s our immigrant communities. We’re the folks who are suffering with this and I want you to answer to that!”

She believes her tears and righteous indignation should be reason enough to reverse the will of the people. One of the activists condemned Eyman for putting this on the ballot — “How dare you!” — because a private citizen putting an initiative on the ballot that was overwhelmingly supported by Washingtonians is a bad thing to Progressives who, for once in this region, didn’t have the power to tell us how to live.

What you will never see is the same activist with a crying car owner trying to figure out how they’ll find $479 for their car tab fee, which ends up getting wasted on mismanaged projects they’ll never use. Disabled folks, low income folks, folks of color, our immigrant community also rely on cars and hitting them with a regressive tax does them harm too. But these people don’t care about them. Drivers are evil to these activists. Ride the bus? You’re a hero.

Durkan and others, including King County Executive Dow Constantine, had months and millions to convince voters that the high car tab fees were worth the costs to fund transportation projects. Eyman spent virtually nothing on the Yes campaign — maybe a $100 for ugly campaign t-shirts. Washington voters don’t agree with Seattle Progressives.

It’s time for Durkan, Constantine and the others complaining to take no for an answer: We don’t want inflated car tab fees to cover expensive projects that we’ll never use. Rather than, yet again, ignore the will of the people, why not hear our concerns and respectfully respond to them?

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