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Sawant takes lead in D3 Seattle City Council race

Kshama Sawant. (Karen Ducey/Getty Images)

Kshama Sawant is leading in the District 3 Seattle City Council race over her opponent, Egan Orion.

How a vote recount works in Washington state

The scales tipped in Sawant’s favor Friday afternoon when King County updated its election results at 4 p.m. A second update Friday night produced similar results for Sawant (52% to 48%).

Check the latest election results

Sawant appeared to be in trouble Tuesday and Wednesday, but made up some ground in the vote tally on Thursday evening. However, Orion, led in the District 3 race (51% to 49%) by 739 votes.

Also, in Seattle, the Seattle City Council District 7 race is a tight one. Andrew Lewis is ahead of Jim Pugel, as of Friday night (53% to 47%).

King County Elections says it still needs to count another 6,300 ballots, with new results coming on Tuesday at 4 p.m. About 2,500 of those are from Seattle.

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