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Study: Amazon’s deadline pressure on drivers may be leading to accidents

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

Amazon is responding to accusations that the pressure it puts on delivery drivers to meet demands contributes to crashes.

A Buzzfeed-ProPublica investigation found Amazon drivers have been involved in more than 60 crashes since June 2015.

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The company’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations told CBS News that safety comes first.

“We’re focused on the background driving check to make sure that the people we put in the vehicle come from a place of a good driving record and good safety record,” Dave Clark said. “When you drive 800 million miles, there will be accidents, unfortunately. Our focus is about how you reduce those.”

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Dave Clark also points out some of Amazon’s drivers are third-party contractors. But, the investigation also found the company tracks the delivery vehicles and can control their routes.

The company estimates it will have about 50,000 delivery drivers on the road during the holidays.

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