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Dori congratulates KOMO 4’s Steve Pool on 40-year broadcasting career

(AP Photo/, Jordan Stead)

When I first started working at KING 5, you knew the entire lineup of sportscasters, meteorologists, and anchors at every TV station in town.

There were sports guys Wayne Cody on KIRO 7 TV, Tony Ventrella on KING 5, and Bruce King on KOMO 4, and there were weathermen Harry Wappler on KIRO 7 TV, Jeff Renner on KING 5, and Ray Ramsey on KOMO 4. There are still a lot of people in Seattle TV news today who have become household names.

One of the guys who has bridged all of these eras is now retiring — Steve Pool.

He has been the weatherman at KOMO 4 for simply forever. He has been in the business for over 40 years. As Ursula noted, it’s remarkable to have your entire broadcasting career in one market.

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I knew Steve had taken a leave of absence because he was battling prostate cancer. Thankfully, it is now in remission.

He will do one final forecast with KOMO 4 filled with all kinds of tributes on Tuesday evening.

I remember when he was a weekend sports guy, when he first got hired. I also remember having him on the show 16 years ago to talk about the fact that he became the first African-American member of the Seattle Golf Club. It struck me as shocking that in 2003, there was still a place that was so segregated, especially here in Seattle.

I just wanted to congratulate a Seattle broadcasting legend, Steve Pool, on a fantastic career.

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