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Study: Cranberry sauce most disliked Thanksgiving dish in Washington

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It shouldn’t necessarily cause you to to rethink what to bring to Thanksgiving, but a new map from food site makes the case that cranberry sauce is the most despised Thanksgiving dish in Washington.

The data was collected with geotagged Twitter data by in the past month and tracks phrases like “I hate cranberry sauce” or “I hate stuffing.” In the state of Washington, people seemed to love writing online that they hate cranberry sauce.

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Upwards of 50,000 Tweets were collected nationally, and Washingtonians were not alone in venting their dislike of cranberry sauce. Seventeen other states also didn’t like it, including many in the Northeast. The next most reviled side was green bean casserole at 12 states and nine for stuffing.

This is not to say this is a definitive look at local Thanksgiving tastes. It may just reveal that the type of people who hate cranberry sauce are also the type who would vent about it on Twitter. Perhaps Washington fans of it don’t use Twitter as often.

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But data doesn’t appear to be cranberry sauce’s friend. A recent study by Wallethub found that only three percent of Americans like cranberry sauce. Perhaps they’ve only had it from the can.

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