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After judge pauses I-976, Tim Eyman urges supporters to not pay car tab fees

I-976 was struck down by the state Supreme Court. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

After a judge temporarily blocked $30 dollar car tabs from going into effect, initiative sponsor Tim Eyman is making a major call to action.

Earlier today, a King County judge granted a temporary injunction after hearing both sides argue their case for several hours yesterday. The ruling says the state will continue to collect all fees, taxes and other charges that would’ve been impacted by Initiative 976.

King County judge pauses $30 car tabs while I-976 goes to court

In response, Eyman is urging voters who supported Initiative 976 to not pay their vehicle registration fees, likening it to civil disobedience.

“Whenever you’re involved in civil disobedience, exactly as it was with Gandhi and all the other people throughout history that have stood up to governments they felt were oppressing them, you have to face the consequences of it, and in this case we’re basically dealing with a parking ticket,” he said.

“One of the greatest ways you can do it is by not renewing your vehicle tabs, and chances are the tickets are probably cheaper than the high car tab bill that you ended up getting because of Sound Transit.”

Washington’s $30 car tab debacle could have been avoided

Eyman also tells KIRO Radio the court battle could be be skipped if Governor Inslee calls a special session so lawmakers can vote to approve the car tab measure.

“I myself am refusing to pay my car tabs. They’re expired, I will not pay them,” he said. If he’s stopped by police, Eyman says “I’m going to tell them it’s political protest, I’m going to ask the officer, ‘Please give me a warning.’ If for whatever reason he ends up giving me a ticket, I’m not going to pay it, I’m going to appeal it.”

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