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Washington best, Mt. Rainier
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New report has Washington ranked as the top state in entire country

View of Mount Rainier summit covered by snow, Washington, USA. (estivillml via Envato)

A new ranking claims that Washington is the best state in the U.S., receiving top marks in a handful of key metrics.

Report ranks Washington as best state in nation for cyclists

The list comes courtesy of U.S. News and World Report, giving the Evergreen State top marks in health care (4th), education (4th), economy (3rd), and infrastructure (2nd).

For it’s 2nd-ranked infrastructure, Washington was credited for its renewable energy and internet access, and to a lesser extent its transportation (where it ranked 12th in the nation). Coming in just ahead of Washington for infrastructure was our southern neighbor, Oregon.

Despite that, Oregon ranked just 27th overall in the U.S., hurt by sub-par ratings for opportunity (43rd), fiscal stability (40th), crime and corrections (38th), and education (36th).

Washington’s weakest category by far — and the only one to rank outside of the top 20 — was in fiscal stability, where it took the 22nd spot in the U.S. That metric tracks a state’s government credit ratings, liquidity, pension fund liability, and balancing.

Washington is the third worst state to drive in

Coming in right behind Washington for best state overall was New Hampshire, followed by Minnesota, Utah, and then Vermont to round out the top five. New Mexico, West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana were the bottom-five-ranked states, respectively.

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