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Lisa Herbold
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Rantz: Abusing her Seattle Councilmember position, Lisa Herbold lied to get homeless RV towed

Seattle City Councilmember Lisa Herbold. (Seattle Channel)

The truth finally came out, coincidentally after the election. It’s just how Councilwoman Lisa Herbold wanted it.

Leading up to the election, a derelict RV was parked in front of the incumbent’s West Seattle home — not her home in North Bend. When it became a media story, Herbold was quick to show compassion for the people who own the RV, a couple down on their luck. But before the media found out about the issue, Herbold tried to have the RV towed and even asked for a police investigation into an activist she didn’t like.

Now we know that Herbold used her position on the council to expedite the tow, using an unsubstantiated claim to justify her move.

According to a Find It Fix It app report on the morning of October 9, 2019, obtained via a public disclosure request, Herbold wrote:

Trailer towed to my house by uhaul rental truck & abandoned. Uhaul plate number is Bjb7409, trailer plate number is 14340AC, new tabs. Reportedly individuals purchased RV at auction for purposes of dumping at local office holders home as a political stunt.

There was no evidence at the time — nor media reports that I can find — to substantiate Herbold’s claim. It was certainly a theory posited by activists on Twitter, but beyond a few Tweets, that was it.

More importantly, Herbold was acting in her capacity as a councilwoman when she made this report, using her city council email address, [email protected], rather than her private GMail account. It is a not-so-subtle way to remind the Find It Fix It staffers that she’s a public employee.

Herbold’s complaint was addressed within less than 24 hours. Notes on the Find It Fix It internal document notes:

PEO Boas cited the vehicle for detached trailer 10/9/19. At that time the trailer had a warning for 72HR violation placed on it. The tires were chalked. RR valve stem was 0900 RF valve stem was 0300. PEO Jenkins returned 10/13/19. Chalk intact. Valve stem readings unchanged. Tag removed. Vehicle cited for 11.72.440. Impound ordered. Vehicle was impounded 10/13/19.

Yes, the RV was eventually towed.

Likely knowing PDR requests take time, Herbold begrudgingly released details of her reaction to the RV so it wouldn’t become too big of a campaign re-election issue. She first said she simply contacted the police, when she actually contacted the Chief of Police. Then it was discovered she asked for a possible investigation into an activist who she falsely claimed was behind the stunt.

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