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Seattle robber steals marijuana but forgets bag of cash

(Seattle Police Department)

They say crime doesn’t pay but it really doesn’t pay when you leave behind the loot you were stealing.

On Saturday night at approximately 11:40 pm, an unknown suspect entered a marijuana store on East Republican Street in Seattle, and pointed his gun at employees, demanding money while helping himself to products from behind the counter.

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He then left the store and forgot to take the cash with him, but did remember the marijuana. Perhaps it was nerves or perhaps he was high at the time. The employees rushed to lock the front door and the suspect returned and attempted to get back in. When he couldn’t, he fired several times at the door and fled after when he still couldn’t get it open, according to the Seattle Police Department.

One of the employees sustained a minor injury as a result of the gunfire, and East Precinct officers took evidence and searched the area but were not able to find the suspect. The investigation remains open.

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