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Cross-center platform transfer expected to cause confusion at Pioneer Square light rail stop

Starting January 4, the Sound Transit light rail stop at Pioneer Square will be under construction while crews work on a crucial connection.

Crews will begin building new tracks that connect the International District/Chinatown Station across I-90 to Judkins Park, Mercer Island, Bellevue, and Redmond.

Prepare for a commute change on Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail

Service will be reduced during the 10-week period. Four-car trains will run every 12 minutes. Riders will have to change trains on a new center platform.

Marie Olson, Sound Transit Operations Director, told KIRO Radio’s Tracy Taylor that cross-center platform transfers are pretty typical in other countries. But they expect a bit of confusion until riders adapt.

“So if I’m coming up from the south end and I need to get to Westlake or the University of Washington station, what I’m going to do is board a train in the south” Olson said. “We’re going to come up to Pioneer Square, when you get to Pioneer Square, you’ll have to go across the center platform to get to the other train that will be there waiting for you. That other train will take you to your destination north.”

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Olson said Sound Transit will have a lot of signs and rider ambassadors to assist during the construction period.

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