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Feedback Friday: The dangerous implications of new health insurance law

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Thank you from Down Under

Hello, Dori — just on my daily commute into Melbourne listening to your Wednesday podcast where you closed the show with the comments relating to the Australian bushfires. Great comments. I listen to the daily podcasts and enjoy the show. Keep up the good work!

– Jim in Leopold, Australia

Thank you from closer to home

Dori, I love your articles. Thanks to you and other like-minded reporters, I feel there is hope for a political and social turn-around in Washington at some point. In the meantime, there is still a bastion of truth and constitutional freedom around which to gather. God bless you.

– Jessica in Tenino

Dori for governor — but stop teasing us

Dori, quit toying with us. These are serious times and issues. Cut out the jokes that at this point aren’t funny. Either get in the race or get out of the way. You could make a real difference as governor.

– Steve in Marysville

State cuts parents out of teens’ health decisions

The dangerous implications of this law

What about anxiety and anti-depressant medications? If parents don’t know the dose and how often their children are supposed to take them, how are we supposed to effectively supervise the use of these medications? Medications like this are notorious for causing severe suicidal urges when not used properly or abruptly quit, and sometimes even when they are used properly. Who becomes liable when a school or state doctor puts our children on these medications unsupervised and they attempt to, or — God forbid — succeed at taking their own life? Who gets to tell a grieving parent why they weren’t important enough to be involved?

This law creates an incredibly dangerous situation for our children and needs to be immediately repealed, by initiative if necessary. Our children are far too precious to be potentially killed because our Democrat politicians have an interest in earning massive profits for big pharmacy companies and/or pushing as many children as possible into the mental health system. I’m a concerned father of three and no stranger to suicide.

– Mick in South Prairie 

Old enough to decide but not to pay?

If a 13-year-old can make their own health decisions, fine. Then the parents should not be responsible for any possible complications or the medical bills associated with said procedure.

– Jim in Silverdale

Restaurant owner sends vile tweet about dead father, daughter

Thank you for covering this

Hey Dori and crew. I heard your segment earlier of the father and daughter who lost their lives in a tragic hunting accident and the heartless comment made by a Seattle woman. It was great to hear some local coverage on this story since, like you said, all other local media has avoided it. Your coverage of the story had me tearing up on my drive home and really inspired me to help.

I absolutely love the idea of the “MAGAbilly” shirts. I myself am an avid hunter and fisherman, and a member of some local hunting/fishing Facebook groups. I would love to get a link to purchase the shirts once you have one, and do my part to help the family left behind. I know many of the local people have been moved by the story and will be more than willing to contribute. I listen to you guys everyday and appreciate all you do.

– Kory in Bonney Lake

Show the country that Washington is a kind place

Showing a united Pacific Northwest support for the family of the 9-year-old who lost her life warms my heart and gives me hope that the rest of the country will see the true essence of Washington residents. Seattle has for too long represented all of Washington. I will absolutely buy a T-shirt in support of this family. But what would really be taking a stand is to hold a public fundraising event — covered by the media — showing the country who we are here in Washington.

– Danni in Olympia

Tweet was awful, but leave out restaurant name

Your requests to not have people “retaliate” against the restaurant are hollow … or you wouldn’t continue to mention the name of the establishment as some sort of “identifier” when you reference the person who sent the tweet. There is no question the tweet was (and is) horrible, and you have every right to report it as news, but what you are doing is only “fanning the flames.” I understand your job is to create interesting, informative, and entertaining radio … and you do a really good job most of the time. Not this time.

– Bill 

Wrong to paint all hunters with the same brush

I am someone who grew up in a hunting family, am a hunter myself, and frequently go out hunting with my boyfriend. Everyone in our family who hunts has different political views. I am disgusted by this woman. She clearly is quite ignorant on hunters, because otherwise she would know that hunters are some of the biggest activists for gun safety and environmental conservation.

– Tawna in Snoqualmie

Thanks for calling out Bill Gates

In regards to your story about Bill Gates recommending an income tax, I could not agree with you more. His position is completely hypocritical to how he gives away his money. Great points, I hope he listens.

– Lou in Seattle

Dori, your article today about Bill Gates’ tax proposal was fantastic. He’s done many great things, but he needs to understand that he is completely out of touch. This video of him guessing grocery prices proves it.

– Matt in Seattle

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