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Rantz: Puget Sound hit with snow and here are the best listener pictures

Washingtonians from across the Puget Sound woke up to a fresh dump of snow. Sure, we love to complain about what it can do to our commutes and it sure is fun to pretend a little bit of snow represents end of times for the region, but we all not-so-secretly love it. How do I know? I see which stories on MyNorthwest you peruse.

You see, I’m super competitive and like to see how many people are checking out my daily blog posts (many of you, so thank you!). In the mornings, when my posts go up at 6am, I’m usually the most viewed. But in the last couple weeks, I’ve been competing with the same exact type of story: snow!

Snowpocolypsemaggedon, which is what we call these events on my KTTH show (weekdays from 3-6pm), has got you all obsessed. No matter the time of day, if we post a snow story, you’re clicking it.

That got me thinking, as someone who always wants to be the number one contributor to the website: there’s no easy way to generate page views that to talk about snow! But I’m not going to do a hot take on snow. I generally talk analyze local politics, mock dumb college students overreacting to something on campus that isn’t important, or highlight Seattle’s delusional woke brigade. What do I know about snow? I can’t understand half of Cliff Mass’ weather blog.

So I have a problem. I don’t know a thing about snow and I can’t fake my way through a hot take about snow. Who am I, Danny Westneat? No. I focus on topics of substance. Yet, I want the easy page views.

After some digging, I found a page view loophole that helps me in my quest for a snow related blog post. When stories have multiple photos in a gallery, every time someone views the next photo, it counts as a new page view! So now I know good art turns one visitor into 13 pages views! But there’s a problem: I don’t take particularly good photos and as I’m writing this blog, there’s no snow in my Seattle neighborhood yet.

What do I do? I know — take credit for other people’s work! I put out a call on my Facebook show page for fans to submit their snow photos so I could take them, publish them, and personally benefit from it. In exchange, my fans know they helped me reach another monthly bonus! And I think that’s good enough for them. Enjoy the photo gallery of my favorite listener submitted photos. And feel free to look at each photo 30 times as it just increases my page views.

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