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KIRO 7 meteorologist Nick Allard crushes Dori’s snow excitement

Snow turned the region into a winter wonderland, but it looks like it may not stick around or accumulate as much as Dori had hoped. (Nicole Jennings/KIRO Radio)

Dori was as giddy as a child when forecasts a few days ago showed nearly a week of snow — but Monday afternoon brought a bit of the blues when he found that the white January was not going to be as snowy as anticipated.

In a conversation with KIRO 7 TV meteorologist Morgan Palmer on Friday, Palmer said that while it was too early to be truly confident in the forecast, there was a chance that Wednesday and Thursday could bring a snowstorm equivalent to the February 2019 snowfall that blanketed the region under nearly a foot of snow. The prediction also was that cold, dry air from British Columbia would bring extremely icy temperatures to the Seattle area, including the coldest two days since 2010.

However, when the snow in Seattle topped out at just 1.5 inches and temperatures remained in the 30s on Monday, Dori wondered what happened.

“It’s like a tropical paradise,” KIRO 7 TV meteorologist Nick Allard laughed. “Some of the snow is melting, and we’re just not as cold as we could be or as dry as we should be.”

Dori and friends attempt a rescue in Seattle snow

While the British Columbia cold front hit Bellingham — where Allard observed that it was 19 degrees Fahrenheit but felt like 4 degrees — Seattle was “still waiting for the north wind to kick in” on Monday.

That wind should arrive Monday night, sending Seattle temperatures into the 20s or even down into the teens. The dry wind is not expected to bring much, if any, snow accumulation.

Tuesday will remain dry, with the next round of snow hitting on Wednesday. Unlike Palmer’s tentative earlier forecast, however, this will probably not bring several inches more snow on Thursday. While snow will develop Wednesday afternoon and evening, this will likely turn to rain by Thursday.

“I’ve seen it move too much, and I don’t want to rely on it too much, so I’m not changing my seven-day [forecast] yet,” Allard said. “I’m going to let it go through at least one more time before I change my mind.”

There are still chances that certain pockets of the region will see decent snow accumulation in the next few days, but there will probably not be a Puget Sound-wide snow event later this week.

Dori was disappointed to hear that the precipitation would turn to rain so soon. A kid at heart, Dori went sledding on the air last year during the two-week snowfall, and was hoping to enjoy several inches of snow again.

“If I was there, I’d give you a hug,” Allard said.

As if Allard’s snow news was not enough of a letdown, he could not resist crushing Dori’s spirits one more time by reminding him of the time he got to fly with the Blue Angels.

“Don’t start with me … when somebody starts something, I finish it,” Dori promised.

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