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Jay Inslee, Time Magazine, 2020 State of the State
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Dori: Inslee’s 2020 State of the State doesn’t hide coming tax tsunami

Gov. Jay Inslee. (KIRO 7)

Jay Inslee was excited in his 2020 State of the State speech. What was he excited about? He was thrilled over a new apple, free college, and Megan Rapinoe.

We have a lot of great athletes in this state. But if you want to get a shoutout in the 2020 State of the State, apparently you have to be the most loudly leftist.

He also told The Seattle Times that he wants to bring back the low-carbon fuel standard. What is that? It’s a euphemism for a gas tax. California has a low-carbon fuel standard that added 9 cents per gallon. We already have the second-highest gas tax in the nation, and now we need to add 9 cents more to every gallon?

Inslee wants to add to your gas bill to reduce your driving. The politicians have nothing but hatred and contempt for the suburban families that need cars to live their lives, for the moms and dads who need to be able to take their kids to soccer and piano lessons, and for the workers who cannot take their tools and other supplies with them on a bus or train. Inslee told The Seattle Times that the tax is all worth it if it means that people will start driving less.

Dori: Inslee’s 2019 State of the State blames you, not the Democrats in power

Remember, the state already wants a road usage charge — they would tax you for every mile that you drive. I am sure that they will incorporate variable pricing (different prices based on the hours at which you’re driving) in this tax, making each road in the state a toll road and hitting families for thousands of dollars every year.

As the Washington Policy Center’s Mariya Frost found, the Washington State Department of Transportation has stated that it wants a system that “encourages a reduction in vehicle travel and generates revenue that can be used to fund transportation alternatives.”

They want to punish you for driving instead of using mass transit.

And now Inslee wants to add to the gas tax, taking money from the people who must drive their cars for work and for family, and putting that money not toward roads, but toward the criminal mass transit systems. And when I say criminal, I mean it — a criminal investigation has been launched  into the Seattle Streetcar.

As always, I’ll stay on top of it and keep you informed. Together, we must fight this tsunami of taxes that is coming.

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