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GOP should go after self-described Democratic ‘conservatives’

(AP Photo)

A new Gallup Poll shows the Democrats’ diversity — not only in racial terms but in mixed ideological outlook. The GOP remains overwhelmingly conservative — with 73 percent describing themselves that way and only 4 percent identifying as liberals.

Meanwhile, a full 14 percent of Democrats called themselves “conservatives” and another 36 percent said they’re “moderates” — marking a full half of the party of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren! While Democratic leaders drift to the left of their base, the GOP should target conservatives and moderates in Democratic ranks, rather than focusing all attention on turnout of conservative non-voters.

If you get a new voter to show up to vote Republican, that’s good — but it gives you just one extra ballot. If you convert a Democrat to your cause, you not only do you have a new a vote for your side, but simultaneously take a ballot from the other side.

That’s the right formula for decisive Republican victory.

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