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Impeachment, Cantwell and Murray
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Washington state senators decry GOP ‘cover-up’ in impeachment trial

Washington Senators Maria Cantwell (left) and Patty Murray (right). (AP)

Washington Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray both have voiced their support for allowing additional witnesses and evidence during impeachment trial proceedings.

WA Sen. Patty Murray: Senate ‘must allow a fair trial’ for impeachment

A series of 11 amendments introduced by Senate Democrats to include new evidence and witness testimony were voted down on party lines Monday. Among the proposed subpoenas were for former National Security Adviser John Bolton, Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, and more.

That led to contentious exchanges between Democrats and Republicans early in the week, with the former labeling stonewalling from the latter evidence of a “cover-up.”

“They said no to each and every attempt on our part to ensure a fair and honest trial,” said Washington Sen. Patty Murray. “This is about our democracy and our future, and we are going to keep doing everything we can to push for a fair and honest trial like Americans deserve, not a cover-up.”

Fellow Washington Senator Maria Cantwell echoed those sentiments in a news release Tuesday.

“Serious allegations have been made against the president, and the Senate needs to hear all the evidence to conduct a fair and impartial trial,” Cantwell said. “The Oval Office and U.S. foreign policy should not be manipulated or used for personal political gain. Witnesses and evidence will bring further clarity about whether this was a deep and coordinated effort.”

President Trump has himself stated that he wants top aides to testify, but cited “national security” concerns should they go before Congress.

“If the president is truly as innocent as he claims, Republicans should want his aides to testify,” Sen. Murray noted.

Jayapal: President Trump ‘is the smoking gun’ for impeachment

“I’ll leave that to the Senate,” Trump said while at a global economic forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Proceedings in the Senate began Wednesday, the day after hours-long deliberations over rules for the impeachment trial.

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