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Rantz: Don’t be shocked by mass shooting in Seattle, be angry

Police rush to aid to a shooting victim. (Photo by Chris Porter/Getty Images)

Shocked by the mass shooting in Downtown Seattle? You shouldn’t be. The site of the shooting near Third and Pine sees crime, out in the open, every day of the year. And nothing of meaning is done with any type of consistency and now there’s one woman dead, plus 7 others injured, including a nine year old boy.

In this case, it appears some kind of argument broke out among multiple shooters. The Gang Unit is part of the investigation, apparently. Possible gang violence on a street with nonstop drug deals and recurring arguments? Shocking? Not even a little. There were two other shootings just prior — one a couple hours earlier, another the day before.

Police want to help. Talk to any in the precinct and they’ll tell you. But they can’t. This city won’t let them crack down on the rampant open air drug dealing or the homeless people harassing passers-by. They’re not allowed to do anything without upsetting the Seattle woke brigade — the Council ideologues, the Seattle activists who will decry the evil cops causing more problems than solving, or the racist justice system that disproportionately targets communities of color.

Even if cops are able to do their jobs, it’ll be for naught. Whether it’s Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes or King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, they refuse to enforce the law and punish criminals. Drug dealer? Just carry less product and you won’t get popped. Homeless? Have at it — attack with impunity, you’ll be out of jail in hours.

This shooting? Mayor Jenny Durkan will pretend to have a plan in place to add more patrols to the area, even if the Seattle Police Department remain in a staffing crisis. But then this will become an argument about gun control, the patrols will stop, Durkan and the Council will move on, not wanting to admit the city is in crisis, Gene Balk or Danny Westneat in The Seattle Times will do some column about crime not being an issue (look at the data!), and the crime will continue.

Shocked? Don’t be. Get angry.

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long at all, with a state senator and a Seattle councilwoman rushing to turn a story about criminals using guns illegally into a push for gun control. They’ll take your guns away while the bad guys keep them — all before even knowing how the criminals got their guns. Can’t say I’m surprised since I predicted this would happen in this very blog.

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