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Study: Washington state’s favorite Super Bowl food


A quick gaze at the snack table at your Super Bowl party this Sunday will quickly show which food is the least popular, not to mention the embarrassed expression on the face of the person who brought it.

But that’s unlikely to be an issue for whoever made the lobster dip, at least according to a new study from Digital Third Coast. An analysis found the dip is the most popular choice of Washington state residents this weekend.

Seattle residents seemed to prefer more layers in their dip, specifically seven, which the study found is the most popular big game snack in the Emerald City. Not that any of the above dips can make Seahawks fans feel better about losing.

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The results were determined using data from search trends between January 2019 to February 2019, as well as a survey of 1,224 Americans. If you didn’t search for either of dips online and weren’t surveyed and can’t understand the findings, feel free to eat something else at your party.

Dips were the most popular food nationwide for this Sunday’s game with 20 states preferring them, and the seven layer version the most popular dip among seven states. Of course, a dip is useless without something to dip in it, but no one was asked about that.

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The study also found that one in four only watch for the commercials, and that 19 percent have called in sick on the Monday following the Super Bowl. It’s not clear if that has anything to do with the lobster dip.

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