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Dori: Forget the teachers union, now Seattle has a drug users union

This poster was seen in the U District. (Dori Monson Show)

Did you hear about Seattle’s latest group to unionize? A listener sent me a picture of a flier from an alley off of the Ave in the University District — a flier for a drug users union.

This group celebrates drug use — in fact, they have formed a subculture that is all about drug use. The flier says, “Urban Survivors Union — Proud To Be a Drug User, Seattle’s Drug User Union.”

We are a union that is, first and foremost, for and by drug users. Our first mission is to unite as drug users, because we are the only ones who understand the oppression we face. Join our family and together we can change the laws to better protect our community!

Then it talks about how they meet the first Thursday of every month at the U District Needle Exchange.

Dori: We only look through the lens of what’s best for the heroin addict

I have one big question — what other laws do drug users need changed?

Marijuana is legal in this state. King County allows personal possession amounts of hard drugs. We all know that drug crimes are rarely being prosecuted by our county prosecutor. That, along with the city’s de-policing, led to the downtown Seattle shooting because of all the open drug use, drug dealing, the gangs that control the drug dealing, and the violence that comes with the gangs.

The drug users union already has the mayor, Seattle City Council, city attorney, and county prosecutor working for the policies it favors. Our leadership wants as many drug users as possible. There was just a study this week stating that the county needs up to $1 billion extra each year to fight homelessness.

Trust me, it benefits local government financially to have all the despair and broken lives that come with drug use. You see, the more broken lives there are, the more government has to step in and fix them — by raising taxes.

At least, they tell us they want to fix lives, but it’s really just about expanding government and collecting more of your money. You have to work and save to get a place to live, but government wants you to also provide affordable housing for the drug vagrants who have come flocking to our area.

The drug users union is pushing for changing the laws — but I don’t know how the laws could possibly be any friendlier toward them.

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