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Casey: Limbaugh’s announcement sparks disheartening response online

For nearly four years, my job at KTTH was to listen to the Rush Limbaugh Program. I would be in the control room with Rush on the loudspeakers for three hours every day. I heard nearly everything he had to say. Some things I agreed with, some things I didn’t – some things made me laugh, some made me roll my eyes. Regardless of political opinions, I would consider myself an expert on all things Rush.

Rantz: Rush Limbaugh cancer news shocks radio fans

Likewise, I really enjoy the website I’ve always been aware of how its users are severely slanted toward one ideology, but never more so than now.

When the news of Rush’s cancer hit r/news (a subreddit for news headlines, not necessarily political ones), the comments were disgusting. Here are a few that stood out:

Amused-Observer: It’s hard to feel bad for someone who’s propagated so much hate and fear and divisiveness for so many years.

romibo: I was unaware that cancer can get cancer. who would have thought…

Tech_Philosophy: I’m not sure which 20 million of you prayed for this, but could you do Alex Jones next?

Apollo416: Hahaha good. The evil fat f——s body is finally rotting like his soul did decades ago. The heartless piece of s— deserves it

babyfarmer: This is the best news I’ve heard all day. I will read this a——‘s obituary with a smile.

gonzoparenting: I’m thrilled the piece of s— is dying and hope it is long and painful.

It’s maddening to me that Reddit has become a platform for people to hide behind their anonymity and spew legitimate hatred, all under the guise of being on the correct side of things. The ‘tolerant’ left has taken hypocrisy to another level, and its par for the course on Reddit and other internet forums.

These users seem as though they are experts on Rush Limbaugh. They speak so assuredly of the damage he has done to society. Well, I can guess with some confidence that these people have never listened to his program. Not for one minute.

Rush Limbaugh is a human being, and a legend of his medium. Agree with him or not, he does his job masterfully, and that should be recognized. I know this, because I have heard him.

It is shameful that everything must be political and partisan. If we can’t agree not to wish cancer upon someone just because of their political affiliation, will we ever be able to agree on anything?

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