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A serious proposal with conceptual breakthroughs

President Donald Trump with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the East Room of the White House. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

The Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan has been widely criticized as a political stunt, designed to help the re-election efforts of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Trump himself. But such criticism ignores surprising support from major Arab powers like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Gulf Emirates, and real conceptual breakthroughs in the proposal’s details.

For one thing, the plan requires no relocation of populations, for either Palestinians or Israelis.

Second, Trump proposes securing significant new land for the Palestinians near Gaza, to compensate for once-Arab territory inhabited for 40 years by established Jewish communities. The plan also commits $50 billion in foreign investment—mostly from wealthy Arab states—to help grow the Palestinian economy and to settle descendants of one-time refugees who wish to relocate to the new state of Palestine.

In all, it’s a serious proposal that deserves serious consideration after the spirited election season in both Israel and America.

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