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Rantz: Did Tom Hanks bash Seattle’s Selfie Museum at Oscars?

Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks tossed some shade at a selfie museum in a speech at the Oscars. But did he intend it for the Seattle Selfie Museum?

“We even have a museum dedicated to selfies… I don’t know why,” Hanks joked. He was pitching the upcoming opening of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. We don’t have a film museum but we have one dedicated to selfies?

I didn’t know it until this weekend, but Seattle is home to a Selfie Museum. Your pricey ticket gets you an hour in the museum where you and friends wander around colorful, inventive sets to take selfies and post them online.

So what gives?

Did Tom Hanks, Hollywood’s nicest actor, insult our very own Selfie Museum? Probably not. It was an insult — in good faith — but not against our museum.

As much as you might hope the Sleepless in Seattle star might know about the goings-on in Seattle, it turns out there’s a Museum of Selfies in Los Angeles.

The selfie museum offers the same type of experience as the one here in Seattle: an over-priced way to take selfies, in an effort to convince others your life is fun and exciting. It’s not. It’s why you’re at the Museum of Selfies.

Nevertheless, some folks on Twitter weren’t happy:

They seem sensitive, don’t they?

Since Hanks isn’t mocking our selfie museum, perhaps we should jump in on the action and mock the idea incessantly? Have at it in the comments section, just don’t violate the rules and please don’t post selfies. No one cares.

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