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Pete Buttigieg stops in Seattle for fundraiser

Democratic presidential candidate and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaks at the LULAC Presidential Town Hall, Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Mayor Pete Buttigieg made a stop in Seattle for a fundraising event.

The Democratic presidential candidate was hosted Saturday by Suzi Levine, former U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and Eric Levine, founder and CEO of CellarTracker, at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center.

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Ticket prices for the fundraising event ranged from $25 up to $2,800. There were also three top tier pricing levels.

When Buttigieg got up to speak, the crowd cheered and he thanked his campaign’s “host committee” and “investor circle” who put on the event.

Into Buttigieg’s speech, he asked people to picture: how it will feel when Donald Trump is no longer the president.

He then said, “How’d you like to see a president who talks a big game about supporting working people but who’s only economic promise kept was cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthiest, to have to stand next to somebody who lives and works in a middle-class neighborhood in the industrial Midwest.”

And after 10 minutes of a stump speech, Buttigieg asked those supporting him to “bottle up a sense of hope” in voting for him and then he moved to answer prewritten questions.

The first question was about homelessness and how he would help 11,000 in King County.

Buttigieg replied: “Confronting homelessness is one of those challenges so intractable that I think it’s led to a level of despair and yet there are concrete steps we can take to make a difference. You look at a specific part of the population of people experiencing homelessness and deliver specific solutions to make a difference. In our city, we found that you could create by-name list to connect people with the services they need. But it’s going to be different for youth, veterans, families with children, so we can’t have a one size fits all strategy. Part of it is housing. We’ve got to build more affordable housing in this country and my plan will create 2 million additional units.”

After the fundraiser, the mayor left for Las Vegas. Nevada’s Caucus kicks off next Saturday, although early voting is already underway.

Washington’s primary will happen on March 10th and ballots will be sent out next week.

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