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Rantz: University of Washington staff, students declare war on law enforcement

The University of Washington (UW), through their irrationally woke staff and students, have declared war on law enforcement. It’s latest examples of college campuses veering so far to the Left, they’ve gone into parody territory.

At UW-Seattle, student groups target cops as killers. They mock Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents as foxes chasing immigrants. At UW-Tacoma, staff placated fringe activists and dis-invited CBP from participating in a career fair. Why? They students pretended to be scared (side note: their parents can soon bring them to work at the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office).


It’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Week at the Seattle campus and student activists jumped at the chance to show their intolerance towards law enforcement and rational worldviews.

A large, childish poster is displayed at the William G. Gates Hall at the UW School of Law. It’s full of ridiculous imagery and asinine positions.

The posters celebrates cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal with the common “Free Mumia!” refrain uttered primarily by clueless, privileged, white progressives who think siding with a murderer will earn them some woke points.

It demands the U.S. government “Abolish ICE” and “Abolish Prisons” because they believe every person of color in jail is there unjustly. Pretending all cops are killers and people are being murdered in our streets with abandon, the poster demands that we stop Seattle cops from murdering folks. In the corner of the poster, it shows a fox in a CBP cap chasing what appears to be Dora the Explorer. How cute.

The students behind the poster ironically call for “Queer Liberation Now” while also asking for a “Free Palestine.” Well, even though Palestine doesn’t actually exist, I think we all get what these anti-Semites are saying: Wipe Israel from the map and give the land to the Jew-hating Palestine Liberation Organization and terrorist group Hamas. After they get the land, perhaps the queer students can head over to Gaza and celebrate with a public display of affection. I’m sure that will end well.


Not to be outdone by their brothers and sisters in Seattle, students at UW-Tacoma threatened a protest when they learned CBP would participate in a campus job fair called the All Industries Fair. I guess it doesn’t actually represent all industries.

The Progressive Student Union of UWT claimed via Facebook:

CBP’s presence on campus is something that the Progressive Student Union, as well as much of the campus body, strongly disagree with. For a school that attempts to pride itself on equity and inclusion, to bring CBP onto campus is to create an environment that is exclusive and putting harm within our students way.

The slate of Democrats running for the Pierce County Council got behind the students. Ryan Mello, Tim Farrell, Yanah G. Cook, Jani Hitchen, Sarah Rumbaugh let voters know where they stand while siding with the students. These are adults desperate to get the approval of a bunch of college dimwits with no future. That’s sad.

LEO-hating cowards run the school. Consequently, the staff kowtowed to the students.

“In this particular instance, the upcoming presence of U.S. CBP on campus had created significant concern among a number of our students and faculty, who stated very clearly that they would feel unsafe and dissuaded from participating in the career fair,” Chancellor Mark A. Pagano claimed in a statement. “Considering the positive and educational purpose of the career fair, we determined the best course of action was to ask CBP not to participate, and they agreed.”

None of those students felt unsafe, of course. They pretended to be since they know the like-minded UW-Tacoma staff would treat their feelings as fact.

“They have no place on this campus,” Sean Arent, president of the Progressive Student Union of UWT, told the Tacoma News Tribune. Sean will likely be unemployed after graduation. Too bad he missed the opportunity to learn about the career CBP could have provided.

Where do we go from here?

This kind of display of intolerance — and stupidity — isn’t new on a college campus. But the situation on Washington campuses seems to be getting more intolerant and more anti-intellectual. That should scare you.

Sure, Sean Arent and his merry group of progressive dullards are unlikely to go far in life. They’ll consistently whine about their low-wage jobs. That is until they turn 47 and realize it’s too late to make something of themselves.

They’ll outwardly claim their lives had meaning because they fought The Man. But deep down inside they’ll feel the kind of emptiness one likely feels when one comes to terms with utter, devastating failure.

Unfortunately, they are susceptible to much smarter individuals who will exploit their stupidity to gain power. Then those politicians actually try to implement policies based on their delusional view of the world. That should scare you even more. Maybe the coronavirus will take us before that happens.

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