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Dear Mr. President: Legalize it

Marijuana has generated mountains of revenue for Washington state. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Dear Mr. President,

Back in 2012, Washington voted yes on three issues near and dear to my heart: Charter Schools, the legalization of gay marriage, and the legalization of cannabis.

Since that exciting election, we’ve opened many charter schools, countless gay marriages have been certified, and over $800 million have been collected in excise taxes since the first cannabis stores have opened.

It is my belief that it is in your best interests, Mr. President, to take the air out of the Bernie Bros’ bongs by decriminalizing cannabis, and providing federal permissions for legal states like my own here in Washington.

During your time in office, you have consistently boasted about how you are pro-border, pro-farmer, and pro-business. It is for exactly these three reasons that it is time for conservatives to jump on board the cannabis movement. In fact, it is high time conservatives realize a majority of us are actually supporters of legalization (55% of Republicans and 78% of Americans support it).

Unlikely, it is my hope that my Republican, liberal, and independent friends who support legalization share this article so much that you actually find your way to these words.

In my opinion, your coalition of trades unions and pro-life voters are ready to light one up for American workers and for the sanctity of life as soon as you set the path forward. Legalization is a platform you can and should 100% embrace.

Why is cannabis legalization a pro-border policy? Since Washington, Colorado, and over 33 states have passed some form of legalization, we’ve seen the amount of cannabis seized at the border plummet by 44%.

It’s a simple supply and demand issue. With local farmers growing the bud and local businesses selling it, we’ve slowly eroded the business for illegal cannabis trade. Alongside strong border enforcement, fair cannabis laws will go a long way in stopping the illegal drug runners wreaking havoc along the Mexican/American border.

Why is cannabis legalization pro-farmer? The state of Washington is the leading grower of both apples and hops in the United States. For those of you who haven’t seen a beer hop, it looks astonishingly like a cannabis bud.

We sell over $1.4 billion worth of apples and $500 million of hops worldwide. The global cannabis CBD market alone is expected to be worth $17 billion by 2026, up from from $1.5 billion in 2018. This is winning that farmers and growers across America should be participating in, Mr. President. You and only you can make this happen.

Why is cannabis legalization pro-business? Washington state has received almost $1 billion in cannabis excise taxes since we legalized. I’ve seen friends start and grow businesses, take out loans, raise investment money, make capital investments, bring on employees, and then give them raises.

I’ve watched individuals get their first jobs, followed by the wage growth you promised with your tax cuts. I’ve joked in speeches that stoners deserve jobs too, but it really isn’t a joke.

The more individuals we can employ in America, the more we can protect our border, the more variety we can provide our farmers in our fields, and the closer we get to making America truly great.

2020 will be a heated election season. Bernie Sanders believes you won’t listen to those of us in the legalization movement. Let’s prove him wrong. Legalize America in 2020, and you will be guaranteed victory, all while keeping your promises to America.

Promises of a strong border, thriving successful farmers and most importantly more jobs, wage growth, and yes, winning for years to come!

Your humble friend in Seattle, Washington,

Saul Spady, Morning Show Host before your friend Rush Limbaugh
AM 770 KTTH Conservative Talk Radio

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