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Rantz: Classless Jay Inslee embarrasses WA with coronavirus insult at VP Pence

Gov. Jay Inslee struggles to read from a teleprompter as he delivers his 2020 State of the State address. (Facebook)

UPDATE (02/29/20 at 10:27am): The first coronavirus death confirmed in the U.S. comes from King County, just two days after Jay Inslee Twitter-dunked on VP Pence, rather than work with the administration in fighting coronavirus. 

UPDATE (02/29/20 at 1:48pm): Governor Inslee has declared a state of emergency over the virus, as two more King County cases have emerged. 

A classless Governor Jay Inslee opted to push aside genuine concern over the coronavirus, for a cheap and unnecessary shot at Vice President Mike Pence.

Inslee says that Pence called to congratulate the Governor on how well Washington has handled the coronavirus. The state saw the first case of coronavirus in the country. Rather than talk through any concerns he had, Inslee proudly tweeted that he insulted the Vice President.

President Donald Trump announced that the Vice President would lead the coordination efforts for the United States, as the country readies for a possibly deadly coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, Inslee doesn’t take the issue seriously.

Politics over health and safety

It’s unclear if Inslee was as classless on the phone with Vice President Pence as he claims. But why in the world would he brag about this? He doesn’t sound tough at all. It’s the type of tweet you send to desperately appear like a tough guy.

Inslee ends up sounding like a buffoon still bitter he’ll never see the Oval Office unless he visits the replica at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library where we’ll see him sobbing uncontrollably behind the faux-Resolute desk about dreams unfulfilled.

Democrats complain about incivility and division, yet here Pence makes a well-meaning phone call only so the country’s worst Governor can use it for cheap Twitter fodder? Inslee couldn’t pass a 5th grade science class quiz, he has an awful record on climate science in Washington (despite it being his signature issue), and yet he has the audacity to attack the Vice President?

What in the world is wrong with Jay Inslee? I wonder how many people will need to be infected and die before he stops acting like a joke and takes this more seriously.

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