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Super Tuesday wasn’t an embrace of Biden, it was a rejection of socialism

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

What was the big message of the voting that was tabulated Tuesday? Despite what you may be hearing — it was not “We love you, Joe Biden!” There are plenty of reasons not to like Joe Biden. People weren’t voting for Joe, they were voting against socialism.

The message from all Americans was a message we should have heard a long time ago, which is that we are Americans and we hate socialism. Bernie Sanders wasn’t the only socialist who got knocked out last night.

Now there are plenty of complaints from Sanders’ supporters that the election is rigged, and they’re going to fight it and contest it all the way.

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Meanwhile, there was another message last night that money can’t buy you love or the presidency, one that Mike Bloomberg — who suspended his campaign — was forced to learn. Bloomberg spent about $600 million on this campaign, and with 44 delegates earned as of Wednesday morning, it means he spent upwards of a few million per delegate.

The Joe Biden campaign was broke, and yet Biden carried a bunch of states last night where he didn’t spend a dime. He spent nothing in Massachusetts, assuming Elizabeth Warren would carry it, but he won comfortably and she finished third.

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It’s a lesson that we should not believe all the hype that’s put forward by the campaign industrial complex. The underlying message here is that the nomination is not being stolen, which is one of the big lies from the American left that they will not let go of.

This kind of thinking is poisoning the political system, and it’s lousy when people say the political system doesn’t work because you lose. Bernie Sanders has raised and spent more money than anyone else except for the billionaires — Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg — but this doesn’t stop frustrated leftists from screaming that they’re being cheated and robbed.

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