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Is coronavirus clearing the roads for Puget Sound commuters?

The Puget Sound region just experienced one of the oddest morning commutes in a long time, and it seems possible that coronavirus might be to blame.

King County Metro to start cleaning buses daily to limit coronavirus spread

Thursday’s are usually one of our busier days on the roads, and yet the roads were empty.

You just don’t get a 40 minute travel time from Everett to Seattle or Bellevue between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. without something significant going on, and that’s what we had Thursday.

15 minute drives out of Auburn? That never happens during the morning commute on a weekday — it did today. I could go over every major commuter route and tell the same story after reflecting on this morning’s drive.

It was quieter than most federal holidays on the roads this morning, and that’s saying something.

To blame this tectonic shift exclusively on our current coronavirus situation wouldn’t be responsible, because I have no factual data to back it up. I’m sure there are other contributing factors that I am unaware of.

Sea-Tac Airport responds to coronavirus with new steps for healthy travel

But something has changed, and I’m looking for perspective here.

Leave us a comment on why you may have changed your behavior — are you concerned about getting the virus? Has your boss told you to work from home? Is your child’s school making the call for you? Or are you staying home for another reason? Have you changed anything at all?

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