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Herman: Silence of The Seattle Times on the sexxx-ed bill: cowardly, complicit or bought off?

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

UPDATE: After a week of being pressured on social media, The Seattle Times has finally written something about this. They wildly miss what parents object to in the bill. There is no age appropriate time to teach children in schools much of what is in the FLASH and 3R curricula. 


The Seattle Times has clearly made an editorial decision: they are determined to hide the most consequential, controversial and, in fact, most clickable story in all of Western Washington politics. At 2:00 AM Thursday Morning, Washington State Democrats voted to force “Comprehensive Sexual Education” (CSE) into government schools, stating in kindergarten; the curricula tied to this bill, FLASH and 3Rs, teaches, among other things, kindergarteners have a clitoris or a penis and they feel good to touch, doctors can only guess what sex a baby is when the child is born, and 6th graders should try masturbating their friends for “safe sex.”

Based upon known curricula for CSE, this was easily the most controversial bill debated in Olympia, because it will affect every child in the government schools and their families, this was easily the most consequential bill in the State. The Seattle Times ignored the passage in the House for nearly two days. Only after they were mocked on social media, did the Times run–and hide, five screens down, in a mix of articles–an Associated Press piece on it. Saturday night, the Washington State Senate Democrats passed it and, once again, The Seattle Times has totally ignored it. Readers of The Seattle Times deserve an answer: why has the management of the Seattle Times apparently decided to hide the details of the Sexual Education Bill requested by Chris Reykdal, Superintendent of Public Schools and paid for by Planned Parenthood?

Are they cowards? Is The Seattle Times management afraid of looking into controversial stories that make government look bad? No. The Times has done incredible work on the failure of Washington state’s mental healthcare system, the foster care debacle and juvenile court failures. They wrote perhaps the best story we have seen on the system failure that allowed 200 million gallons of raw sewage into Puget Sound. The Seattle Times did not cower in these cases, so, they are capable of speaking the truth.

Are they complicit? Does the Seattle Times management want children taught to hide their sexual activity from their parents, to seek cross-sex hormones at the age of 13 from government enablers without parental permission? Like all Western Washington news sources–save The Dori Monson Show and Todd Herman Show–The Seattle Times has refused to cover the medical and surgical experiments being done to children, some whom have the painful, theraputically curable condition of gender dysporhoria, some who have been conned by the schools and the media into thinking they are the opposite sex. Silence on that topic is matched by their silence on the overt sexualization of children with curricula like FLASH that suggests teachers use pornography to instruct students that some sexual positions don’t feel as good as they look. There is a pattern: The Seattle Times refuses to cover anything that, in any way, runs counter to the business model of Planned Parenthood–abortions, birth control, cross-sex hormones–and the power-seeking of the Sexual Left, funded by six, radical, billionaire families.

Are they bought off? There is no way to know if The Seattle Times has been bought-off or economically pressured into silence. Newspapers are under enormous financial pressure — The Seattle Times is not immune to that. Planned Parenthood, Children’s Hospital, Big Pharma are all deeply invested in transing kids and they all have large advertising budgets. Big Pharma, for instance, makes up 5/5 of the top advertisers in news programming on a general basis in TV news. Is that the case with The Seattle Times? We cannot know for sure. Planned Parenthood is obviously obsessed with forcing their curricula into the government schools, curricula that studies already show lead to kids have more sex and, of course, more abortions, more secret drugs for sexually transmitted infections, which Planned Parenthood is normalizing in advertising.

The Seattle Times owes its readers the truth: Will they provide it?

We cannot know the real motive, but, it’s more than clear the management of the Times is committed to letting Facebook Pages run by concerned parents do far more, and far better, investigative reporting on this issue than they will allow their reporters to pursue. The readers of The Seattle Times deserve an answer: why is The Seattle Times hiding the most controversial, clickable, consequential piece of legislation in Washington state?

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