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Olympia sex-ed bill
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Seattle Times continues to hide sex-ed curriculum from its readers

A rally in Olympia protesting a recently-passed sex-ed bill. (Peggy O'Ban)

Three reporters, 904 words, a quote from a 16-year-old kid who demands teachers who don’t want to talk about sex be forced to talk about sex, and not even one, single example of the sex-ed curriculum: That is The Seattle Times.

The Times is purposefully hiding the curriculum from its readers. Joseph O’Sullivan, Hannah Furfaro, and Neal Morton are all professional reporters; any one of the them could go to Reykdal’s website and see that the pleasure focused, sexually explicit, FLASH curricula is already in use and set to be forced upon Washington State kindergartners and parents.

A simple Google search reveals that the equally explicit and pleasure focused 3Rs curricula is already in use in some schools and recommended to be forced up on government schools. Only these reporters know if they are the ones hiding the curriculum or if Frank Blethen, the Publisher of The Seattle Times, has directed them to hide it.

As I have previously chronicled, no news source in Washington state will tell their readers or viewers about the sex-ed curriculum recommended on the website of the Superintendent of Government Schools, Chris Reykdal. This is also a decision to hide these facts from you.

I have revealed parts of the curricula and provided links to the most explicit and pornographic examples. A group of mothers and grandmothers has an even better source for you.

Dori Monson and Jason Rantz have covered it and Spokane opinion writer, Sue Lani Madsen, has covered it. That means that a Facebook group, three talk show hosts, an an opinionist in Spokane are all better sources of information about sex-ed in this state than all of the news media combined.

The Seattle Times does make one thing clear, though: If Jay Inslee signs this bill, the curriculum they are hiding from their readers will be forced into your kid’s schools — actually, the Seattle Times soft-peddles that, claiming that it “could” force change.

The fact is, the sex-ed forced into schools will be mandatory and only pleasure-focused, and it will consider kids “sexual beings” from birth. Maybe that’s what the Times is afraid you will learn if they tell the truth.

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