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Teddy bear scavenger hunt for kids during the pandemic

What started as just a Facebook idea, quickly grew into a trend. Teddy bear or stuffed animal scavenger hunts are popping up in neighborhoods around the country and right here at home.

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For those of us who are safe at home and looking for something for the kids, why not start the trend in your neighborhood?

Grab your favorite stuffed animal to put in your window. Then, when you go for a walk, or for a drive, you can have your kids spot the animals.

This adorable scavenger hunt idea seems to be sweeping the nation right now. In my neighborhood, I’ve seen several teddy bears in windows, and there’s a little dachshund in mine.

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When you’re looking for something to do with the kids, maybe just to get out of the house, go for that drive, or for a walk, and count those cute stuffed animals in windows smiling back at you.

Kids are also taping up rainbow drawings and parents are decorating their trees with holiday lights.

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