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Sound Transit shutters bulk of projects over COVID-19 concerns

Sound Transit construction site in Bellevue. (Chris Sullivan/KIRO Radio)

Sound Transit finally has made the decision to shut down most of its job sites, asking that they be secured and closed Monday.

How Washington’s stay-at-home order will affect construction projects

This is something we have been asking Sound Transit about since Gov. Inslee’s stay-at-home order took effect, especially since the Washington State Department of Transportation decided to temporarily shut down almost all of its own construction projects in late March.

It’s unclear why it took Sound Transit this long to make the decision, but most work is done until May 4. The agency says it could extend the shutdown if necessary.

Work on same major projects will continue, meaning that extending light rail across the I-90 floating bridge will not stop. Sound Transit needs to keep this going to take advantage of as much good weather it can get to lay the tracks.

Full details on what’s allowed under Inslee’s stay-at-home order

The work season runs from April to October. Workers are going to keep taking down buildings along the extension to Federal Way. Some of them, if left up, could be a significant safety hazards.

Tacoma Stadium District work will also continue, along with some other smaller projects.

Sound Transit says its contractors will not force people to work, opting to use a voluntary labor group. New health guidelines have also been adopted. Crew sizes are being reduced, while staggered report times should help reduce contact too.

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