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High school seniors
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Dori: My message to high school seniors

High school seniors will miss out on a handful of traditions. (Pexels)

I’ve been talking about you a lot on my show the last few days. I truly feel bad for what you’re going through. No prom, no graduation ceremony, yearbooks that will remain unsigned by classmates, no senior skip day.

For those in extracurriculars, I’m sympathetic that you and your parents won’t see that final band concert, drama production, or spring sports season.

I sincerely feel sympathy for this evil virus hitting at such an important time in your lives.

Sympathy’s OK. But I would ask you to be very careful about all the pity that is being heaped in your direction.

It’s everywhere. Maudlin posts from parents and kids designed to elicit as much pity as possible. Ask your mom about her Facebook “friends.” I bet she knows lots of people who mainly post about how sick they are; how sick their family is; how stressed out they are.

When they post that stuff, they feed off all the phony responses: “Thinking of you,” “be strong,” “sending love your way.” You mom has probably unfollowed those people. Don’t be one of those who is always projecting victimization so you can gather a bunch of pity.

Because, you see, while I have sympathy for the events you will miss, I don’t pity you — I envy you. I envy you for what lies ahead in your life.

I envy your youth and the life adventures that are to come. Going off to college. Traveling with people you love and seeing the wonders of our world. Starting a career. That moment on a first date when you realize, “hey, I could spend the rest of my life with this person.” The exhilaration of climbing a professional ladder and realizing those dreams. Having kids. The sheer cuteness of watching your baby doze off in a highchair while you’re feeding them. Hearing your baby laugh for the first time (I’m convinced that’s the soundtrack of heaven).

Coaching your kids in sports. Watching them in the school play. And, who knows, maybe 25 to 30 years from now, you’ll see them in a graduation ceremony that you were never able to experience.

All those things are now in my rearview mirror. They are all ahead for you. So yes, I have great sympathy for what coronavirus is taking from you. Sympathy’s fine. Pity is ridiculous. Your next 60 to 70 years will blow your mind.

Don’t be a victim.

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