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Herman: King County wants you to shut up, stay home, hand over your money

“Jay Inslee’s decisions regarding small business and local schools are going to have long-term social and economic ramifications. As I have said on my show, Jay Inslee is using this pandemic to reward his political helpers, donors and agitators while he decimates people he opposes. Gubernatorial candidate Joshua Freed joined me on The Todd Herman Show to discuss Inslee’s actions with small business and what he would do differently.”

This morning, on my radio show, a listener sent me a video. In it, you see Mark approach a woman who has not had her livelihood destroyed, she has not had her job taken from her and she is doing something that no one can argue is essential.

She is a King County employee cleaning road signs. This is happening while all around our area people have been pushed onto food stamps, unemployment, and many are simply starving. But, King County has told this woman — who is just taking orders, no one should blame her — to wipe down roads signs. Watch the video video (warning: explicit language). You can see in her eyes that she knows this is brutally unfair.

I got this tweet in the middle of my radio show. As you will hear in my response, I was astonished and angry for every one of my neighbors who have had their incomes and savings decimated.

Wednesday, another listener tweeted me about the Seattle Department of Transportation. They openly despise him and his business. He runs a construction company that had a project going in Seattle. Then, Jay Inslee issued his shut-down orders: all private construction was to stop. All government construction, given to Inslee’s cronies, who give back to him and his party with massive campaign donations, can continue.

My listener had to cease work immediately. So, he asked the Seattle Department of Transportation if they would stop charging him money for having his equipment on the streets, since it is literally a misdemeanor for him to go get it. Jay Insee has threatened to pull businesses licenses of people who don’t honor his orders. SDOT said, paraphrasing: “shut your mouth, stay the heck out of our city and pay your stinking fees or we will also destroy you.”

Government’s message is clear: shut your mouths, stay in your house, and hand over your money so we can pay government employees to wipe down street signs with a cloth.

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