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After the pandemic, less dinner party prejudice?

I recently came across a month-old clipping I had meant to use on my radio show—a clipping that conveys a very different message now. The advice column “Ask Amy” – with questions addressed to a would-be successor to “Dear Abby” – ran the headline: “Conservative Struggles To Have Dinner-Party Banter With Liberals”.

The questioner, a self-described “Conservative intellectual” in ultra-liberal Berkeley, complained about gatherings where the other guests “freely disparage ‘right wing hillbillies’ and say that all conservatives are ‘evil people.’”

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In response, the columnist urged a patient explanation of conservative ideals in a hope to win respect. Today, this exchange feels like it’s from another world. Dinner parties? Not permitted in the throes of pandemic!

Perhaps, when “social distancing” is just a sad memory, we’ll be so grateful for the return of normal mealtime interchanges that even ferocious leftists will feel less need to insult those who don’t’ share their politics.

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