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Dori: The wussification of our kids continues in Seattle schools

Seattle schools are taking a different tact for grading. (Pexels)

In a complete capitulation to all common sense, the Seattle School District has announced that almost all kids will receive “A” grades for this “at-home” learning period during the coronavirus epidemic.

The rollout of at-home learning has been a complete disaster. Some teachers may be trying to teach — many are making the most feeble of efforts. And my sources within the district tell me that a lot of kids are making almost no effort to learn. So what does that mean for the kids and their college transcripts?


I’m serious. The district announced that the two grading options are either an “A” or an “incomplete.” And they acknowledge that almost no kids will get an incomplete grade. It’s the decades-old joke about “trophies for everyone.” The 3rd grade league soccer champs get the same reward as the 0-12 last place team.

But this isn’t a joke. This is the largest school district in the state telling the hardest working and most diligent kids that their effort is worth no more than the slackers who put forth almost no effort.

The district says they are doing this as part of their “Racial Equity Analysis Tool.” How racist can the Seattle School District get? They assume that many kids cannot compete because of their race? It’s known as “the bigotry of low expectations.”

Holding all kids to high standards is noble. Assuming most of your kids cannot succeed is a damning indictment of the entire district itself.

I know if I was at a university reviewing applicants and I had two kids with 3.8 GPA’s competing for one available slot, I sure wouldn’t consider the Seattle kid given that grades and GPA mean absolutely nothing to the district.

Remember a few years ago when Garfield High School announced they would have 44 valedictorians? They didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the 43 kids who would’ve lost out if they followed tradition and only had one valedictorian. But they didn’t make all 44 kids winners. They instead made the honor of valedictorian completely meaningless.

The folly of trophies and A grades for everyone is that it does not elevate anyone. It does the opposite. It teaches kids that effort and excelling isn’t worth anything. It makes kids absolutely unprepared for the real world that awaits them.

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