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The UW is developing a contract tracing app for COVID-19


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@tracytaylorturner2 has updates on how UW is developing an app to help trace the spread of coronavirus.

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In the Monday edition of Coronavirus Medical Update with Tracy Taylor, there are three big stories in the search for a cure.

At the University of Louisville in Kentucky, researchers have developed a technology based on an aptamer, which is a piece of synthetic DNA. They believe this could block out the coronavirus.

Seattle coronavirus testing lab continues to battle shortages 

The University of Washington has been in the news a lot lately, and now researchers and some of the students have developed a contract tracing app. Before you get worried about your privacy, your privacy will be maintained.

And there’s a new study happening at Fred Hutch with Dr. Michael Boeckh. Essentially, the study will find out how long a person who encountered the virus can shed the virus, and if you can be re-infected.

Hear more about all of these stories on the :40s on KIRO Radio during the Coronavirus Medical Update.

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