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Rantz: After Inslee’s coronavirus prisoner release, criminals quickly re-offended

Just after the coronavirus prisoner release plan was implemented, some inmates quickly reoffended. Shocker.

Days after Governor Jay Inslee’s coronavirus prisoner release plan, at least three inmates fresh out of jail are accused of re-offending. This shouldn’t shock anyone.

Citing concerns that the coronavirus could quickly spread in Washington prisons, Inslee announced he would release over 1,000 prisoners so that social distancing would be easier for inmates. While he promised those released were nonviolent offenders, Inslee let out hardened criminals with lengthy rap sheets, including a sex offender, gang members, drug dealers and prolific criminals who likely plead down more serious crimes.

There’s no coronavirus emergency in our prison system (there hasn’t been a single death reported). Still, inmates took advantage of social justice ideologues. They chose to ignore social distancing guidelines, rioted at the Monroe Correctional facility, and then immediately were rewarded with the coronavirus prisoner release policy. Now, they’re reoffending.

Coronavirus prisoner release already dangerous

A total of three released criminals have been singled out for breaking the law right after release. First reported by KOMO-TV, two crimes occurred in Snohomish County.

… police said Matthew Krewson raged on a Thai restaurant across the street on Broadway, amped up on methamphetamines, using a crowbar to smash the wooden boards.

A few miles away, authorities said Michael Norvell snatched more than $70 worth of items from a Fred Meyer store.

Let’s not forget Flaviano Basaliza.

On April 26, just days after his release, Basaliza took Gig Harbor police on a high-speed chase. He was eventually caught and charged with a felony count of eluding police, plus two misdemeanor charges of obstructing an officer and third-degree driving with a suspended license, per KOMO. He didn’t stay in jail long this time. Basaliza spent little time in jail thanks to the county coronavirus policy.

These are the cases that we currently know about.

This should not surprise us

None of this news should shock us. It’s what law enforcement, community activists, and friendly follicly-gifted talk show hosts warned would happen. And the situation will likely get worse.

As it turns out, many criminals are unwilling to change their lifestyles because there are seldom meaningful consequences. It’s almost impossible to get sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence in Washington state. Many times, criminals will plead down from a harsher sentence and they spend little time behind bars.

For the ones who are being punished, they have your neighborhood Socialist activists who pretend the criminal did nothing wrong; society merely failed them, causing them to commit that burglary, rape, or assault.

Inslee is to blame. Full stop.

Releasing dangerous criminals back into society too soon makes us that more at-risk in our communities. Gang members should rot in jail. So, too, should sex offenders and criminals who illegally obtain weapons (Inslee says he abhors guns and will do anything to protect us from bad guys with guns; apparently that includes releasing the bad guys with guns from jail early).

Whenever Inslee delivers his press briefings, he likes to remind us that he’s a hero who takes everyone’s lives seriously! He will protect us all from the coronavirus.

Only, Inslee hasn’t made us safer. He’s killing our economy while putting people back on the street who may literally kill us thanks to his coronavirus release plan.

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