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Hi, it’s Todd typing this from my kitchen table.

Can we please have a more personal, direct way to communicate? As conservatives, I think we had better have our channels of communication that Silicon Valley will have trouble polluting.

Facebook recently accused me of posting fake news; they didn’t say why their so called “fact checkers” called the documentary I posted fake, we are just supposed to trust our masters. Not me. Nope–I want to be able to chat directly with you. If I get something wrong, I admit it loudly and immediately, and, I know I can count on you to call me out.

So, how about it? Can we have this connection?

I will email you, starting once per week, with news and thoughts I find important, or, interesting. No spam–ever. I will not sell or rent you email address–ever. You will just hear from me, and, if you want it to stop, just click un-subscribe.

Thanks and, Be Well, Be Strong and Be Kind.



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