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WA Superintendent expects school to resume in-person in fall

(Photo: James Urton)

Washington state’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal released the state’s plan for reopening schools this fall, stating that he expects classes to resume in person for students.

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“We will do this together, keeping students and staff safety and well-being as our highest priority in the reopening,” he said in the introduction to the 47-page document laying out the new rules and guidelines for schools.

This comes as something of a reversal based on previous statement from Reykdal, where he intimated that closures could continue into fall 2020.

While schools will be allowed to resume in-person classes regardless of the phase their respective county is in, guidelines still give school districts room to make their own decisions.

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Those guidelines do also come with a handful of requirements, though, including:

  • Health screenings for staff and students before entering schools every day
  • Putting elementary school students “in groups with dedicated staff,” to “maintain consistent from day to day among groups where possible”
  • Practicing six feet of physical distancing “as much as possible”
  • Limiting gatherings and mixing of classes in the cafeteria with staggered meal times
  • Wearing cloth face coverings at all times, both for students and staff

Schools also have the option of conducting a mix of virtual and in-person learning as needed, especially for students at higher risk for complications related to COVID-19.

You can read the full list of reopening guidelines and rules here.

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